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Building Oracle Daily Business Intelligence with Oracle BI Enterprise Edition

Posted by Dylan Wan on December 9, 2006

This is a white paper about how to build dashboard on top of Oracle Daily Business Intelligence summary tables using Oracle BI Enterprise Edition.


This is very helpful for all current Oracle E-Business Suite DBI users who want to add custom contents to their reports or dashboard. The most important content from this white paper is the list of all DBI physical tables.


One Response to “Building Oracle Daily Business Intelligence with Oracle BI Enterprise Edition”

  1. srikanthgorugantu said

    Hi Dylan,
    I’m a DBI analyst trying to upgrade to OBIEE.

    Your write up was very helpful for me to get started. But the tables and views(in the screen shots) are not present in the instance i’m using. We are implementing the Financials DBI.
    We are on DBI 7.3.

    Also kindly advise how can I understand the joins and interlinkages between the various FII tables/views


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