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History of Data Warehouse

Posted by Dylan Wan on January 6, 2007

In the early stages only two vendors within the IT industry foresee what was happening later become data warehouse.  One was Teradata Corporation, which originated the database machine that could handle a terabye of data.  It was the first industry -hardened massively parallel computer. Teradata became at least for five years in succession one of the fast growing company at that time.

The second vendor was IBM which published “Information Warehouse” framework as early as 1987.

Data Warehousing then became the key trend in corporate computing in the 1990s.  Data warehousing is not really a technology trend per se.  It was primarily driven by the business envirobment.


2 Responses to “History of Data Warehouse”

  1. infonitive said

    Please review my initial work on strategic business intelligence and data warehousing at http://www.infonitive.com. Your feedback will be fantastic.

  2. akabelle said


    I am writing my Bachelor’s Degree thesis about Data Warehouses. I gathered a lot of materials and I have a “small” DW simulation… But first: I want to add a chapter about the history of Data Warehousing. Do you know any reliable articles which I could use? We are not allowed to use Wikipedia, and I couldn’t find anything useful on Google Scholar.

    Thank you in advance!

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