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Why do I need to use DAC from Oracle BI?

Posted by Dylan Wan on January 8, 2007

Data Warehouse Application Console (DAC) works together with Informatica to acomplish the ETL for pre-packaged BI applications.

Here are what happen behind the scene:

  • DAC publish the changes from OLTP
  • Informatica extracts the changes from the change log published by DAC as well as from the base table
  • Informatica load the data to the stage tables and the target tables in the data warehouse
  • DAC manage the performance by dropping indexes, truncating stage tables, rebuilding the indexes, and analyzing the tables during the process

If you do not use DAC, you have to write your own custom change capture process and need to redesign from scratch an ETL method that allow the restart of the ETL process from point of failure at record level. The biggest saving is that DAC can survive during the upgrade , while your custom processes cannot.


One Response to “Why do I need to use DAC from Oracle BI?”

  1. gatoviejo said

    Dylan, I am trying to find out how is DAC to be deployed. I worked from an Oracle Siebel document that did not specify that the DAC client had to be a dedicated workstation with high availablitly running Win2K3 because there is a database in the client. What we saw was a DAC repository on the Oracle database server alongside the Informatica repository. CAn you clarify this or point me to something that has been executed and works well.

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