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What is a Conformed Dimension?

Posted by Dylan Wan on January 18, 2007

A simple answer is that a conformed dimension is a dimension that is shared across fact tables.

A conformed dimension is important because it allows queries to be executed across star schemas. This activity is also called Drill Across. When you drill across, you are adding more data from another fact table to the existing rows.

Examples of obvious conformed dimensions include Customer, Location, Organization, Time, and Product.


2 Responses to “What is a Conformed Dimension?”

  1. […] are not too many other blog postings (ex: 1 2 3) on the topic of data conformity that truly dive into the topic. I would love to see more, as […]

  2. ddeeppaakk said

    Really good post about confirmed dimension…

    What about confirmed facts ? Is this also as importent as confirmed dimensions ?

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