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Install Siebel Analytics – Step by Step Installtion Screenshots

Posted by Dylan Wan on January 24, 2007

Note added on Jun 21, 2007:  The  Siebel Analytcis is now called Oracle BI Applications.  The latest version is 7.9.x which can be installed on top of Oracle BI EE10.1.3.2.   Please go to the following link from Oracle to get the step by step instruction:

Installing the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition on Windows

Here is my original post when  I first installed the Siebel Analytics.

Note: The installation described here assumes that you have IIS in your machine. I will describe installing Siebel Analytics with the Apache and Tomcat server in a separate post.

After you download the software and the license file, run the Setup.file under the following directory:

<your download directory>SBA8.4\Windows\Server\Siebel_Analytics_All\setup.exe

You should see the following screen.


Click on Next.


Accept the terms of the license agreement.


Select the license file.


Specify the product and data directory. You do not need to put them under the same drive. But they should be two separate diretories.

The repository file xxx.rpd will be stored under SiebelAnalytics\Repository and the web catalog will be stored under SiebelAnalyticsData\Web\Catalog


Select “Complete” install and click Next. You will see the next screen.


You can specify if you want the services start automatics. You can always change this later after you install the software. I just accept the default and click Next.


You can choose the language for showing the error message. I am not sure if the product itself is translated to different language. I select “Engligh” and click Next.


You should specify a Window login user and password. Click Next.


Accept the default – the name of your machine. Click Next.

Before you enter the Java Home on the next screen. Find out where your Java Home is.


I go to my Environment Variables window to get the directory of my Java Home.


Select the Java Home and click Next. The setup program now start load the software list. You need to wait for a couple seconds.


The screen will show a list of components to be installed:


The installer will now start installing….


Once completed, you will see the next screen.


You will need to re-start your machine. You can restart right away or later.


After you reboot your machine. You can try to access the Siebel Analytics We.

If you let the system to startup the serviecs automatically, you can see the follow page:


Congratulation! You just finish the Siebel Analytics installation.


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  2. can you tel me from where i get trail version?

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