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The 4-4-5 Calendar

Posted by Dylan Wan on February 5, 2007

Some organizations use the 4-4-5 calendar for managing their accounting periods. it is a common calendar structure for some industries, such as retail.

The 4-4-5 calendar divides a year into 4 quarters. Each quarter has 13 weeks which are grouped into two 4-weeks “months” and and one 5-week “month”. The grouping of 13 weeks may be set up as 5-4-4 weeks or 4-5-4 weeks, but the 4-4-5 seems to be the most common arrangement.

When a 4-4-5 calendar is in use, reports with period by period comparison or trend over periods do not make much sense. You can still do the comparison of a period over the same period in the prior year. You can also have the week by week data comparison.

See also: The 13 period calendar


4 Responses to “The 4-4-5 Calendar”

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  2. bradthedad said

    Do you have any suggestions on a reporting approach for a 4/4/5 schedule? We have a mix of client, and only a small portion are retailers who use the 4/4/5 model, but we want to provide them a report solution without heavy dev or customization. Is there anything built into Oracle that can help with this?

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