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My notes about Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, OLAP, and Master Data Management

Bookings Analysis

Posted by Dylan Wan on February 18, 2007

Bookings Analysis is to help managers to manage the demand. Although the data may come from Order Management, Contract Administration, or Project Accounting systems, the primary interest in the booking analysis is from sales and marketing perspectives.

The analytics application should provide the bookings analysis to help demand managers understand the pattern of booked orders or work and the future revenue trends for the business, enabling the evaulation of current status against the expecation and the actions to increase sales, the deal size, volume of future pipeline.

Booking can be measured by quantities or dollars.

In Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Sales, Booked value is the total value associated with order lines, for products that have been booked. It also tracks the Net Booked value, which take out the booked returns from customer. The booked value may or may not have been recognized as revenue. A separate measure, Revenue value, is for total value of product revenue that has gone through the revenue recognition process and has been designated as recognized reveue.

In Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Service Contract, the Booked value is measured by sum of the value of all renewal contract sub-lines that have been booked to date.

In Oracle Daily Business Intelligence for Projects, project funding allocated to a given period is the Bookings value for that period.


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