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Oracle Business Intelligence EE (MAUI) Documentation Library

Posted by Dylan Wan on March 2, 2007

This is the link to public available Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Version Documentation Library.

The old link posted does not work any more.  Here are the new links:



2 Responses to “Oracle Business Intelligence EE (MAUI) Documentation Library”

  1. wentari said

    One thing I am confused about is where the Analytics applications are. Before the software used to be split out into 1) Analytics Platform, and 2) Analytics Application. I suppose that the Oracle BI EE is the new platform. Are the applications still on version 7.8.5? If yes, are they supposed to be used with the platform?

  2. Dylan Wan said

    The latest version of Oracle Business Intelligence Application is 7.9.x. It is packaged into Oracle BI EE, but we keep the application to have its own version numbers.

    The Oracle BI Application version 7.9.x requires the Oracle BI EE platform.

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