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Up-sell and Cross-Sell

Posted by Dylan Wan on March 5, 2007

Up-sell and cross-sell are important for your business due to the increasing competitions and market volatility. You need to maximize your customer value by selling more to your existing customers. Up-sell and cross-sell are key drivers of deploying a business intelligence analytical application, which can help you identify new source of revenues.

Up-Sell and Cross-sell are defined as below:

Up-sell: Up-sell is a term to describe the practice that you can sell the most profitable products or services to a customer. You may provide multiple options or multiple versions of a product or a group of similar products. For a customer, based on their requirement, you can choose a best fit product with most profit margin.

Cross-sell: Cross-sell is a term to describe the practice that you can sell more related additional items to a customer. For example, you can see a list of options you can install with your car purchasing.

See Up-sell and Cross-sell in wikipedia


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