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Microsoft acquires MDM vendor Stratature

Posted by Dylan Wan on June 12, 2007

Microsoft recently purchased a Master Data Management vendor Stratature. After I looked at their web site, I guess that Stratature’s offerings seems falling into the BI related MDM , like what Oracle – Hyperion’s product. Their webinar is co-presented with Joy Mundy from the Kimbal Group.

Stratature provides the “Dimension Manager” as the solution for Customer Data Integration. Based on the name of the product, we can also know their solution is BI centric.

Here are several requirements I guessed they tried to target:

1. Data Enrichment – This is described as “Additional Descriptive Business Information which is not required to run the operation”. The example given is customer grouping, product rollup hierarchy, or organizational information. This is really arguable if the “additional information” belongs to BI or transactional system. In the old world, there is a clear line between transactional system and the BI/ Data Warehouse. For the information required for making the day to day business decision, you need to bring them to your transactional system.

There is no double that these “additional information” does help you run your business. By knowing the customer grouping or hierarchies, you can come up better credit policy for a given customer. You do not want to wait until the data is brought into the data warehouse, enriched in data warehosue, then you look at the reports generated from the data warehouse for adjusting the credit policy.

2. Change Management – They feel that since maintaining the changes over time by updating the historical data is difficult in data warehouse ETL process, a MDM solution is needed.

3. Hierarchy Management – They feel that to maintain a clean and well structured hierarchy, user intervention is required, so a MDM can help.

4. Multiple Source System Referencing – A business user’s intervention is needed for reviewing and merging the the system generated potential matched or duplicated records.

5. User Defined Attributes

From the website, I cannot tell whether the tool have other capability. This BI centric MDM seems not having the data quality services.  Also, Stratature seem not providing a pre-packaged data model for holding the customer data.


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