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PeopleSoft EPM

Posted by Dylan Wan on November 1, 2007

PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management was the pre-packaged BI applications for PeopleSoft application.  It has been in market for nearly 10 year.  I recently learned its history, product coverage and architecture from my colleagues.

It mainly has two major categories – Applications and Data Warehouse.   Applications include Planning and Budgeting apps, Global Consolidations apps, and Scorecard.  These apps are similar to the offering from Oracle Hyperion I guess.  The warehouse part uses a similar architecture like today’s Oracle BI Applications.

They use the term 3M to describe the Pre-packaged Content.  I found this quite interesting.  3Ms include

  • Maps: ETL mapping
  • Models: Warehouse Star Schema
  • Metrics: Prepackaged  reporting metadata

This can be applied to Oracle BI Applications as well.

The covered area are similar to Oracle BI Applications as well:  Financials, HCM, Supply Chain, and  CRM.  Only unique warehouse schema is its Campus Solution.

One of the major problem in the past is that it lacks its own front end tool.  It does not have a consistent BI tool strategy.  It started with shipping some Cognos cubes.  It then later provided pre-packaged repository in BO and Microstratgey.  After PeopleSoft is part of Oracle, it also provided the Discoverer EUL and Oracle BI Enterprise Edition based dashboards and reports.

Like Oracle BI Applications, it used Informatica as its ETL tool , but now it uses Ascential.


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