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8 Things – Orablog Tag

Posted by Dylan Wan on January 9, 2008

I was tagged by David Haime as part of the game of tag.  Here is the 8 things about me people might not know:

1. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan and live there before I come to United States to study my master degree.  I speak Mandarin and also some Taiwanese, the local dialect used in Taiwan.

2. I can read and type both Classical and Simplified Chinese and I can use both Zhuyin and Han Yu pinyin.  I chat with friends using QQ, which many people may not know that it is the most popular IM in China.

3 . I have more then two dozen of blog sites and I keep many of them with separate topics under different countries and languages.  Although it is not possible for me to keep most of them up to date, it is fun to test different features provided by the blogging sites.

4. I was major in statistics in my college.  I did SAS and SPSS programming as my part time and as my intern job when I was a college student. My career goal then was working on marketing research field after I get an MBA.  I feel very excited when I first learned that somebody can use database to do target marketing.  At once I feel that sending the Direct Mails (or junk mails) to people based on the information we collect is so cool.  Later, my plan was totally changed. The Internet changes many things including my study field.  I got an information system management degree and I started my career in software application development.

5.  My wife and I met in college and we both come to US for studying our master degree.  She was in New York city and I was in Pittsburgh, PA.  I do not remember how many times I visited New York.  I enjoyed those walking on the street of Manhattan. We love south seaport.  Later, after we were graduated, we drove cross the country, from New York to San Francisco.

6.  I know a little bit about Zewei Numerology.  I also believe in the Japanese blood type theory of personality.

7.  I received a gift from in November last year as my ten year anniversary present.  It is a telescope.  The secret is that I have not yet open the box after more then one year.  Evey time I see the box in my garage, I  wonder why I chose that gift.

8. I went to Lake Tahoe area during Christmas time last year.  I went to six different places and spent several hours in driving just for finding a place which allow us to play sledge.  Later we just play it on the side of the highway.  I guess that it was the most stupid thing I did in the past year.


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