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A white paper on leveraging the power of UNSPSC for BI

Posted by Dylan Wan on January 14, 2008

I found a white paper on http://www.UNSPSC.org site about the same topic I wrote last week:

Here are what I learned about UNSPSC:

  • It has a 4 level hierarchical structure. It can be used for drill down and roll up data.
  • It is very useful for spend analysis.
  • It can also be used in sourcing to identify the suppliers. It can be use to measure the supplier’s performance by grouping the supplier and establish the benchmark.
  • It was an effort of merging United Nation’s code and D&B’s SPSC.
  • It can be extended. The custom codes can be defined as the further breakdown of the standard code
  • It supports multiple languages.

The paper also describes the benefits of using UNSPSC and suggests an implementation with an automatic classification engine. The automatic classification engine implies that you can get the service from an external service provider, like the author’s company.

Here is the link to the white paper – Leveraging the power of UNSPSC for BI.


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