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Mobile Apps and BI Apps

Posted by Dylan Wan on September 6, 2010

Recently I am interested in watching the mobile apps market development. I guess that I was attracted by the new iPhone and iPad launched in the past few years and was also attracted by the new Android tablet and apps development.

It would be interesting to see how BI Apps may move into this area.

Many technologies used today in the Mobile phone or Tablet PC apps are not really new. Before we have iPhone, the Palm PDA has been available for more than ten years. Supporting gesture based input is nothing new. Using Finger or Stylus is not that different. Touch-screen is also not new. I have used Kiosk in several hotels or conference centers more than ten years ago. Bill Gates announced his tablet PC in 2001.

However, I think that several things make differences and both touch screen based mobile device and tablet are getting into the point of idiocy:

Here is the explanation of the point of idiocy, from Pip Coburn, from his book “The Change Function: Why Some Technologies Take Off and Others Crash and Burn”:

This is the point when a growing member of people feel like idiots if they have to fess up to not owning technology. The peer pressure helps put the issue (not owning it) at the top of the agenda when it might not have otherwise gained much attention.

I think the they are getting this position because

1. People is getting used to the smartphone
2. People is getting used to the touch screen
3, The market developed by the netbook.
4. Superior user interface design from Apple
5. Marketing geniuses from Apple
6. The migration/backward compatibility of apps from Apple, iTune, iPod, iPhone to iPad
7. The competition from Google with the Android platform
8. China price: If you look at the back of your iPhone and you will see the words “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China”

Now, the device is getting into the main stream, it won’t be surprise to see the demand from the customers.

They would like to see the analytics data delivered to their phone. They would like to be able to navigate and play with the numbers, the chart and graph from their phone.


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