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About Big Data (1)

Posted by Dylan Wan on March 7, 2012

Recently I read several articles and books about big data.

I found that many use a very funny definition to define big data.

Big data is the data that you typically cannot handle in the database.  It is bigger than the size of the data you have.


It is a joke I told my daughter during the dinner.  Someone said that they are selling a very good car.  You asked them:  How good is it?  They said that their car can take more people, run faster, much more comfortable, provide better safety, and cheaper.  When you ask them about more details, they keep saying that it will better than what you have. Will you buy it.  She felt that the sale person is a liar.

I do believe that the big data problem does exist today, but it is a special kind of data and requires some special way to handle.

It is not everything.  It may require a new way that does not exist before.  It may be also likely to require some ways that have been there for some time, but we just did not pay attention to it.


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