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Tutorial: Create ODI Repositories

Posted by Dylan Wan on April 14, 2012

This step is not required if you are working on an existing repository.  If you are doing a new development project, or just want to get some experiences on using ODI, you may need to create ODI repositories yourselves.

A typical ODI deployment includes two repositories: Master Repository and Work Repository.

ODI provides two different tools to create them.

Here is a good tutorial page available from oracle.com:


The tool does not create database users.  Here is my script for creating the database users:

create tablespace ODI_MREP
size 100M autoextend on Next 100M Maxsize unlimited;

create tablespace ODI_WREP
size 200M autoextend on Next 100M Maxsize unlimited;create user ODI_MREP
identified by ODI_MREP
default tablespace ODI_MREP
temporary tablespace TEMP
quota unlimited on ODI_MREP;

create user ODI_WREP
identified by ODI_WREP
default tablespace ODI_WREP
temporary tablespace TEMP
quota unlimited on ODI_WREP;

grant connect, resource, SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE  to ODI_MREP, ODI_WREP;

If you are using RCU, you will not be able to create Work Repository and Master Repository separately.  In my opinion, RCU is a poor tool and lacks many basic features. I will stay away from it.


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