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Multiple Language Support in Oracle BI Applications (1)

Posted by Dylan Wan on June 27, 2013

In release, one of the major feature is to supported the translated data so you can have a global deployment of data warehouse.

In the past, before release, the BI platform and BI applications support the translated displayed prompts and labels, so the users that use different language can use the BI Apps and see the instruction and navigation and displayed labels in their own language.  However, when they are seeing the data stored in the data warehouse, they are seeing the data in one language only.  Even some of OLTP applications such as E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, and Siebel Applications are all supported multiple languages in their database, BI Apps only extracted the data from one language that is specified in DAC as a global variable.

In release, BI Apps data warehouse model design officially deliver the true multiple language data warehouse.  The feature can enable the deploying organizations which have the users from different countries to share a global deployment,  They can enable multiple data warehouse languages as part of the Bi Apps configuration, and the ETL process can extract the language specific reference data from the OLTP applications.

When the different users from different countries login to the same application with the same role, even they have the same data access, they can see the data displayed in their own language.




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