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Data Warehouse for Big Data: Scale-Up vs. Scale-Out

Posted by Dylan Wan on January 1, 2014

Found a very good paper: http://research.microsoft.com/pubs/204499/a20-appuswamy.pdf

This paper discuss if it is a right approach of using Hadoop as the analytics infrastructure.

It is hard to argue with the industry trend.  However, Hadoop is not new any more.  It is time for people to calm down and rethink about the real benefits.

Here is the conclusion I learned from this paper:

Our results show that scale-up is more cost-effective for
many real-world jobs which today use scale-out. How-
ever, clearly there is a job size beyond which scale-
out becomes a better option.

One Response to “Data Warehouse for Big Data: Scale-Up vs. Scale-Out”

  1. […] It can support scale out, not scale up. […]

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