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Business Rules in Enterprise Apps and Data Mining Applications

Posted by Dylan Wan on May 26, 2015

Transaction system has several places to capture the decisions and has several places to capture the business rules.

These are the potential places where the data mining scoring engine can be deployed.

Here are typical “decisions” captured in the enterprise apps I can think of:


Marketing Strategy and Planning

4 Ps are the decisions are made by the marketers:


Feature, Package, Container, etc. a lot.  Typically these decisions also involve engineering

This is related to the new product development process and thus PLM.


How much should we price this item?

Break-even analysis involves in prediction.  Time Series / Regression may be useful

The pricing rules are captured in the pricing engine.


Partner Selection

I guess that after partners registered, the channel managers may need to do something about it.  Approval process.


How much discount we should give?  Again, implement this in the pricing module

Advertising – a lot of detailed decisions

Traditionally, market research already uses a lot of statistical methods. Some companies can get the market research results from the advertising agents.

Marketing Execution

Market Segmentation

Cluster Analysis

How to segment the market?

Which segment should we target?  What is the size of each?  What are the unfulfilled / unsatisfied market segments?

Market List Generation

After you get the lists from somewhere, do not overuse the permissions.  You need to find out who are the potential customers.  This is a decision too.

Lead Qualification

Lead qualification itself is a decision tree process.  You can definitely learn from the experiences.  Having ,machine learning is the data mining process.


Sales Forecasting

You can aggregate opportunities for forecasting.  However, historical trending or regression analysis can be useful as well.


Credit Check

This looks like a big order…  Should we take the order from this customer?  Will the customer pay?

Credit Hold

Should we put this order on hold?

Should we put this customer on hold?



Should we consider this aging account balance a bad debt?

Credit Management 

What is the credit limit we should give to this customer?

(to be continued…)


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