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Amazon Quick Sight – BI on Cloud?

Posted by Dylan Wan on October 8, 2015

In my post Data Warehouses on Cloud – Amazon Redshift, I mentioned that what would be really useful is providing BI on Cloud, not just Data Warehouse on Cloud.

I felt that BICS makes more sense comparing to Amazon Redshfit.

I discussed with a couple of people last night in a meetup.  Some of them are using Amazon Redshift.  Here are what I heard:

  1. Watch the announcement from Amazon. They just announced something called Amazon Quick Sight
  2. Amazon announced that they are providing SPICE, not sure what it is, but it seems that they are not competing directly with BI tool vendors.  They let BI tool working with them
  3. Looker on AWS is there.  The interface was great although you have to learn their new language.  They do not talk SQL
  4. Price is the key decision factor.  From price/performance perspective, Oracle is way too expensive
  5. Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3 together makes the ETL process as an internal process within cloud.  It is super fast.
  6. Yes, data ingestion becomes a process of writing data from your local system to cloud file storage, but it is fast than writing to database. There is no daily ETL.  They wrote what they have every 15 minute via API.  No downtime for them.

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