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Cloud BI Features – Amazon QuickSight

Posted by Dylan Wan on October 17, 2015

Here is a list of features available from Amazon QuickSight:

Data Source Connect to supported AWS data sources
Data Source Upload flat files
Data Source Access third-party data sources
Data Preparation Data Preparation Tools
Visualization Build Visualizations
Visualization Access all chart types
Visualization Filter Data
Data Access Capture and Share, Collaborate
Data Access API/ODBC connection to SPICE
Security Encryption at Rest
Security Active Directory Integration
Security Fine-grained User Access Control
Security Enable Audit Logs with AWS CloudTrail
Performance In-memory calculation with SPICE
Performance Scale to thousands of users
Performance Support up to petabytes of data


I categorize the features into these groups:

  1. Data Source
  2. Data Preparation
  3. Visualization
  4. Data Access (or Alternate Access)
  5. Security
  6. Performance

They are almost same features available from other BI tools, such OBIEE, except the in-memory engine, and perhaps the scalability.  Here are some questions I have.

The devil is in detail.

Connecting to other AWS data source is expected.  However, will the customer get any benefit by having the data source in AWS.  Can they guarantee that the data will be hosted in the same data center?  The connection will be LAN or WAN?

Uploading flat files is also very common.  However, can I do this programmatically?  Can I set up an agent to do this or just manually and individually?

What are the third party sources?  Are you talking about prebuilt connectors?  Getting RSS feed?  Getting twitter feeds?

Data Preparation Tool also sounds interesting.  Can I have a tool like SQL developer?  Like iPython?

Visualization is a standard service and I can get from many tools. How sophisticate is the tool?

Sharing the data of a snapshot or sharing the access to the up to date content?  Capturing comments?


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