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Use initialization block in OBIEE

Posted by Dylan Wan on October 21, 2015

I just add a post about using initialization block in OBIEE.

It is a feature I felt excited when I first see the tool.

See Page: Initialization Block

Before I worked on BI, I worked for EBS application development and was in charge of Multi-Org architecture for a period of time.  EBS Multi-Org is a feature that requires setting the user context and control the access via the context.

At first Oracle Discoverer did not have the feature and it took some efforts from the application development to work with the tool development to make the integration happen.

OBIEE, or Siebel Analytics, the name used at that time, understand the requirement, and the feature was there since day one when I started using it in eight year ago.

Here is a quick summary:

  • Consider using deferral mode, except the one absolutely required
  • Let BI server explicitly determine the dependency

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