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RTI and Actionable BI

Posted by Dylan Wan on April 1, 2017

RTI stands for Response to Intervention.  It is one the Data Driven Instruction methods. It is a way to monitor students’ progress and to determine what interventions students may need, assign the appropriate intervention to them, and monitor the progress closely.

This is a good demonstration of the need of actionable BI.  The system collects the information about students and identify the students that need the interventions.  The information may be learning related or behavior related problems.  

Once the students are identified, they are assigned to groups and intervention programs. Traditionally this was treated as a transactional process.  I believe that the next generation BI tools will hear and gradually understand thisneed and provide such simple functionality.   The students’ progress will be updated against the programs.  The reports will show the progress over time by these programs. The program managers to evaluate the effectiveness of these programs.

Tagging and commenting the specific numbers and slice and dice the data based on these tags over time is the BI platform’s responsibility to provide the Actionable BI.

The actions may happen outside the system, but the identification of the requirements of the actions and track the results of actions can be tracked within the BI system.


It is not just for educator.  Almost any consumer of the data, if they do see the data meaningful, would like to take an action on it and compare the result overtime would like to have this type of traceability.



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