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Prebuilt BI Contents should replace BI Tools

Posted by Dylan Wan on August 13, 2017

Most school districts need the same kind of reports and dashboard for measuring the performance of students, teachers, and schools.   They do not really need to have IT to build reports for them if the vendors can provide the reports OOTB.

There is really hardly a need to have a custom reporting tool for building or customizing the reports if the OOTB reports do the jobs.


Similarly, the corporate IT should not need to build the custom business reports if the vendor provided contents satisfy their requirements.  The departmental reporting uses a reporting tool, like Tableau, should not be required if the dashboards they need can be provided by IT already.

The existence of the report builder really means that the lack of prebuilt content providers.  It means unsatisfied users who cannot get what they want so they would like to build what they want by themselves.

A nice conversation I had yesterday afternoon.

Instead of building a content, the feature really should be available is the feature of requesting a content.





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