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Unified Data Model or Not

Posted by Dylan Wan on September 13, 2017

Do we need to store the data all together in same places?

Do we need to use the same data model ?

Do we need to put data into cloud?

Storing the data into a central place is not necessary, as nowadays, I do not really know where the data are stored.  If we talk about the physical storage, actually distributed database provides a more reliable storage.  To have the best response to data consumer, the data is as closer to the consumer as possible.  However, for the best for insert and update, the data may need to be closer to the originator (source).

Another idea is to have a unified data model design for storing the data but each client can have its own data storage.  Enterprise apps, such as EBS, is kind of like making themselves as the data model for storing the enterprise data.  There are some benefits of standardizing the data models.  The tools can be built around the predictable model.

However, the attributes could be different depending on the clients’ requirements.  Having a superset of attributes can be a good approach if it does not affect the data storage.  Oracle database has some query performance impacts when you have a wide table.  An approach of supporting attribute templates or custom attributes may be more important than having an unified data model.





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