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Cube (AW)

A term used by Oracle Analytical Workspace.

A logical organization of measures with identical dimensions. The edges of the cube contain dimension members and the body of the cube contains data values.

For example, sales data can be organized into a cube, whose edges contain values from the time, product, and customer dimensions and whose body contains Volume Sales and Dollar Sales data. In a star schema, a cube is represented by a fact table.

It also refers as Logical Cubes:

Logical cubes provide a means of organizing measures that have the same shape, that is, they have the exact same dimensions. Measures in the same cube have the same relationships to other logical objects and can easily be analyzed and displayed together.

Cubes are informational objects that identify measures with the exact same dimensions and thus are candidates for being processed together at all stages: data loading, aggregation, storage, and querying.

Cubes are defined by a set of ordered dimensions.

– From Oracle OLAP Application Developer’s Guide 10g R2