Dylan's BI Study Notes

My notes about Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, OLAP, and Master Data Management

Knowledge Module (ODI)

Knowledge Module (KM) is an essential concept of Oracle Data Integrator. A knowledge module is a reusable coding template that is used by ODI to generate codes for performing a specific data integration pattern.

Typically ETL developers do not need to write KMs.  An ETL developer can use a KM with no need to understand the detailed flows.  An ETL developer needs to understand what each KM can do and pick and choose the KM that can solve a particular requirement.  An ETL developer can control what codes to be generated by a given KM by setting options.  KM options are the configuration provided by the KM developer to use an KM.

The existence of KM creates a separate job, KM developer.

It isolate the technical piece from the ETL developers and help ETL developer to be more focus on the mapping logic.





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