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Load Plan (ODI)

Load Plan is a feature introduced in ODI to manage the execution of data integration tasks.

It allows you to define the rules about which task are the predecessor task of the other tasks or which tasks can be executed in parallel.

You define the task sequence in a tree like structure.

The Load Plan feature, in one way, is similar to the ODI package which also allows you to define the sequential orders of interface scenarios that are executed within a package.

The major difference are

  • Variable management : Load Plan can inherit variable value from hierarchy; Package refresh the variable
  • Error Handling: Whether you want to rollback the whole unit of work or not
  • Restartability: You can restart the load plan step; you can restart the whole package scenario, the step with the package, or a task within a setp scenario.
  • Branching Logic: ODI can support CASE statement; Package can use EVALUATE step




2 Responses to “Load Plan (ODI)”

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  2. How do you rigorously test a load plan?

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