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My notes about Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, OLAP, and Master Data Management

Measures (AW, OBIEE)

1. Measures in Analuytical Workspace
This term is used in Oracle Analytical Workspace:

Measures populate the cells of a logical cube with the facts collected about business operations. Measures are organized by dimensions, which typically include a Time dimension.

– From Oracle OLAP Application Developer’s Guide 10g R2.

2. Measures defined by OBIEE

Siebel Analytics also defines Measures:

Measures, or facts, are typically additive data such as dollar value or quantity sold, and they can be specified in terms of the dimensions. For example, you might ask for the sum of dollars for a given product in a given market over a given time period.

Measures can also be aggregated by applying other aggregation rules, such as averaging instead of summing. Furthermore, the aggregation rules can be specific to particular dimensions.

– From Siebel Analytics Server Adminstrator Guide v7.8.2