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My notes about Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, OLAP, and Master Data Management

Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)

Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) is the framework for building Fusion Applications.

It allows the application developers to declare the UI components and allow the developers to put the application logics.

It also includes the data access layer to provide the data access from the UI to the backend database.

Here are the key ADF objects used in BI for accessing the data

  • Application Module (AM)
  • Entity Object (EO)
  • View Object (VO)
  • EO to EO association
  • VO to VO View Link

These ADF object help encapsulate the application logic and protect the data.  Data security and object security are built into these ADF objects.  The join logic is provided so the BI developers can avoid joining the unrelated objects or using wrong ID columns in the join by mistake.

How is ADF relevant for BI or BI Applications?

Since ADF is the framework for building Fusion Applications, it is also the layer for BI to access the data from Fusion Apps.

BI Applications uses ADF objects as the source objects in the Fusion Adaptor.

OTBI uses ADF objects as the source in the BI metadata.

In general, BI Application does not directly access the underlying database tables from Fusion Apps.  BI Applications always go through the ADF to get the data out from the Fusion Applications.