Dylan's BI Study Notes

My notes about Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, OLAP, and Master Data Management

Request (OBIEE)

If you know SQL, creating a request is kind of like creating a SQL statement. However, you are not directly writing the SQL statement. Instead, you use a graphical tool to drag and drop items, and optionally enter the format information as properties of the request. A SQL statement and the formatting codes will be generated for you.

Here are some actions which you can perform for building a request:

  • Add columns to a request
  • Reorder the display orders of these columns
  • Specify the filter criteria for each column
  • Specify the sort order in which the results will be returned by one ore more columns
  • Format the column value or heading for the results
  • Preview the result
  • Save the request after you are done

It is very powerful and very intuitive.

You can also create a request to build a Pivot table. The request is then far more then just a SQL statement. You can drag and drop the object to build the pivot table, exactly like you build a pivot table in Excel, if OBIEE is not easier.

A request can also include a chart. You can choose all different chart types and specify the chart properties in Siebel Answers.