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Source Independent Load (OBIEE)

Source Independent Load (SIL)

This is a term used in Oracle BI Applications ETL process to describe the different phases within a typical ETL run.

Oracle BI Applications organizes the ETL tasks several phases:

  • General Phase
  • Source Dependent Extract (SDE)
  • Source Independent Load (SIL)
  • Post Load Process (PLP)

SIL mapping typically select from the staging tables and load the target warehouse tables.

Several key services are handled in the SIL phase:

1. Resolve the Dimension Foreign Key for fact tables

2. Handle the Slowly Changing dimension Type 2 logic by determining if a new record should be created

3. Currency Exchange Rate Lookup

4. UOM conversion

5. Generating the Data Warehouse Surrogate Keys

6. Determine if the data should be inserted, rejected, or be used as a source to update the target table

7. Handling translations

8. Enforce Data Warehouse data integrity

9. Create the dummy rows in dimension tables for capturing the unresolved dimension foreign keys