Dylan's BI Study Notes

My notes about Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, OLAP, and Master Data Management

Version (DRM)

DRM organizes sets of related data into versions.

A version is a single, independent set of data that can represent a period of time or a business scenario (what-if).

For example, you can have March 2014 version.

Data within each version is categorized into hierarchies, nodes, and properties.

  • You create a DRM hierarchy under a DRM version.
  • You can have orphan nodes within a version.
  • You can add nodes to a hierarchy within a version.

There are three types of versions:

  • Normal
  • Baseline
  • As-of

Typically users interact with the normal version.

A version is created in memory, and not saved until you explicitly save it.

Once the version is saved, it will start automatically save the changes to the version.  It allows you to preview the imported version before you save it.  You can query and validate a non-saved version!

The name of a version cannot be changed after you save it.



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