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My notes about Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, OLAP, and Master Data Management

Create a work repository

ODI development projects and data model definitions are stored in the work repository.

To create a work repository, you need to first create the master repository.

After the master repository is created, create a login for the master repository and login to the master repository without specifying a work repository.

After you login to the master repository, go to Topology tab and you will see the Repositories region.

Click on Work Repositories item in the browsing window.  You probably won’t see any item below it since the work repository has not been created yet.

Right mouse click, and select the  New Work Repository menu item from the popup.

You are now getting into the work repository creation wizard.

A work repository does not need to be under the same database as the master repository.  You can specify a JDBC database url and provide a database user and password.  One database schema can have only one work repository.

Before you create the work repository, the database user should be already available.  It can be an empty schema or the one that you already use for creating the master repository.  The work repository and the master repository can be created in the same database schema.




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