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ODI SDK – Create Shortcut to Interface

I created an interface manually before testing this SDK.

ODI provides the shortcut functionality.  ODI shortcut allows us to reuse our adapter codes for different OLTP releases.

All shortcuts can be automatically created when a new OLTP release becomes available.

import oracle.odi.core.persistence.transaction.ITransactionDefinition;
import oracle.odi.core.persistence.transaction.support.DefaultTransactionDefinition;
import oracle.odi.core.persistence.transaction.ITransactionManager;
import oracle.odi.core.persistence.transaction.ITransactionStatus;
import oracle.odi.core.persistence.IOdiEntityManager;
import oracle.odi.domain.project.OdiProject;
import oracle.odi.domain.project.OdiFolder;
import oracle.odi.domain.project.OdiInterface;
import oracle.odi.domain.topology.OdiContext;
import oracle.odi.domain.project.finder.IOdiProjectFinder;
import oracle.odi.domain.project.finder.IOdiFolderFinder;
import oracle.odi.domain.project.finder.IOdiInterfaceFinder;
import oracle.odi.domain.topology.finder.IOdiContextFinder;

ITransactionDefinition txnDef = new DefaultTransactionDefinition();

ITransactionManager tm = odiInstance.getTransactionManager();
ITransactionStatus txnStatus = tm.getTransaction(txnDef);

IOdiEntityManager mgr = odiInstance.getTransactionalEntityManager();

OdiProject proj = ((IOdiProjectFinder) mgr.getFinder(OdiProject.class))
Collection<OdiFolder> folders = ((IOdiFolderFinder) mgr.getFinder(OdiFolder.class))
.findByName("Test Sub-Folder 2.0", proj.getCode());
OdiFolder subFolder = folders.iterator().next();

Collection<OdiInterface> interfaces  = ((IOdiInterfaceFinder) mgr.getFinder(OdiInterface.class))
.findByName("Load Table Interface", proj.getCode());
OdiInterface base_interface = interfaces.iterator().next();

OdiContext context = ((IOdiContextFinder)mgr.getFinder(OdiContext.class)).findByCode("GLOBAL");

OdiInterface new_interface = new OdiInterface(subFolder, "Load 2", base_interface, context);




I tried the InterfaceFinder and ContextFinder in this script.

Creating as shortcut to an interface is very easy.  You just need to first find the interface you would like to create shortcut for and pass the interface to the API during creating the new shortcut.



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