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ADFQuery generation from BI Server

Typically, Oracle BI Server generates the physical database SQL to fetch the data from the source database.

When the database is a ADF source.  It generates ADFQuery, instead of the database SQL.

An ADFQuery is a query request to get the data from ADF engine via the BI Broker.

It is protocol designed by Oracle BI platform to communicate the request between the BI server and the BI broker on the ADF server side.

ADFQuery is not a technology from ADF.  It is a BI technology.

We can see the generated ADFQuery in the NQ Query Log.  It is in the format of XML.

It starts with the <ADFQuery> and ends with </ADFQuery>

The information included in the ADFQuery block is just regular SQL

  • The column projection
  • The VO instances you would like to query the data from
  • The View Links to be uses to join the VO instances.
  • The filters to be applied

This is one of the technologies used in BI platform to enable the support of OTBI.



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