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FTS – File to SDS load

FTS jobs are new ETL jobs introduced in OBIA / OTBI-E ETL architecture  for supporting the Fusion Apps adaptor.

Fusion Apps, at least for HCM and CRM, are mainly deployed as SaaS.  The original ETL adaptor designed for supporting Fusion Apps deployed on premise environment cannot be used.

The key of this ETL architecture component is to load the data from Fusion Apps deployed on cloud via file or streamed data via the storage service.

Since Oracle’s direction is to treat the OTBI-E cloud as a separate cloud service different the other Fusion Apps Cloud services, the ETL process becomes a cloud to cloud based communication.  Different clouds are in different data center and having different downtime and maintenance schedule.  The idea to use a loosely decoupling approach to support the link.

A unique feature provided is that this FTS job has the tolerance to Schema Difference.  Basically, columns are matched by column name, if a column is presented in both source (File) and target (SDS) , the data will be inserted.  If the column is not available in target but it the source, it will be simply ignored.  If the column is not available in the source file, unless that the column is a mandatory column, the FTS won’t fail.

Although OTBI-E/OBIA cannot support schema on demand, this type of flexibility introduced in the FTS could be very useful in the cloud world as it reduces the release dependencies.


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