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Informatica PowerCenter 8 Terminologies

An Informatica PowerCenter environment uses a domain to centralize the administration. A domain can contain multiple nodes. Each service is running on a node.

You can now use the Administration Console to centrally administer the nodes and services in a domain.

The Administration Console is a web application running on the embedded Tomcat server. It allows you to remotely manage the services.

PowerCenter 8 now uses “Services” to replace the term “Server” in PowerCenter 7.1.4. The “Repository service” manages the Informatica repositories. The “Integration Service” runs sessions and workflow jobs.

In PowerCenter 7.1.4, a repository server runs on a Host and a Port (4001). You manually run the server on the machine where the repository server will run. In PowerCenter 8, a “node” is created to represent the host and the port. The repository is running on the node. You can login to the Administration Console remotely to enable or disable the services.