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My notes about Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, OLAP, and Master Data Management

Soft Delete Support in BI Apps

Supporting Soft Delete in the data warehouse is about marking a record as deleted when the data is physically deleted in source system.

Soft delete feature is useful as you would like to reflect the data deletion in the data warehouse.

  • Data could be deleted in the source apps system due to the data correction.  You do not want to continue having the wrong data in the data warehouse or do not want the data shown in the report or contribute to the summary.
  • Data could be deleted due to archive.  The achieved data should not be deleted in the data warehouse.
  • Data could also become not available to use but was valid in the past.  This type of data should still exist in the data warehouse, and, ideally, the status should be reflected in the data warehouse.

BI Apps supports the soft delete feature by having the DELETE_FLG column on the data warehouse tables.

The filter is applied in the Logical Table Source filter OOTB.


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