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SQL By Pass Database

This is a feature from BI platform.  The feature was introduced to support OTBI.

Fusion Apps provides the object model layer as an abstraction layer to their database object.  The object model is consistent of view objects (VO) and entity objects (EO) defined in the application development framework (ADF).

OTBI design principle was to use the business object layer as the source for the BI.

BI platform metadata can use the VO, or more precisely the VO instance, as the source.

While ADF objects can be used in defining the metadata, when the query is being executed, the ADF engine query process may not be ideal for the needs of BI.

The SQL by pass DB concept was designed to optimize the query performance.

The BI query against Fusion Apps, like normal BI query is first transformed to the logical query and parsed and planned by the BI server to generate the physical query.  Unlike the normal physical queries, which are typically the database SQL, the physical queries generated against the ADF engine are ADF Queries.

ADF engine, in turn, generates the database SQL using its own metadata, such as VO, EO, AM, etc.  The generated database SQL then will be sent back to BI server and to be executed via the SQL By Pass DB.

SQL By Pass DB is thus an additional setup for the ADF connections.  If the SQL By Pass DB is specified, the query will actually run against the database, not executed by the ADF engine.


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