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Data Lake and Data Warehouse

Posted by Dylan Wan on April 7, 2017

This is an old topic but I learned more and come up more perspectives over time.

  • Raw Data vs Clean Data
  • Metadata
  • What kind of services are required?
  • Data as a Service
  • Analytics as a Service

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Using Data Relationship Management to Maintain Hierarchies for BI Apps (1)

Posted by Dylan Wan on September 2, 2015

DRM is a generic data management application.

It provides a web based application that allows the deploying company to maintain the data.

It is a collaboration tool that allows you to define the validation and set up the data security duties and share the maintenance.

Earlier the tool was designed to maintain the account information.  However, the tool actually can be used to maintain extensions to any dimension.

The key is that it can enable the deploying company to capture and maintain information that is out side the transaction system for BI reporting purpose.


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