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BI Apps Architecture

Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)

A real time BI for Fusion Apps only

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Technologies behind Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI)

OTBI Enterprise (OTBI-E)

A BI Application cloud service

Provide the adaptors over cloud for Fusion Apps cloud as well as on premise deployment of Apps Unlimited Applications.

  • Cloud Connector – Fusion Adaptor
  • Cloud Connector – using web service
  • SDS –  Source Dependent Data Storage
  • FTS – File to SDS load
  • Health Check
  • Diagnostic – Self Recovery ETL
  • Configuring Data Security for Cloud
  • Cloud to Cloud – Integrated User Authentication

OBIA (Oracle BI Applications)

Data warehouse based solution.

  • Golden Gate for Data Replication
  • SDS – Source Dependent Data Storage
  • ETL Architecture – Source Dependent Extract (SDE)
    • Incremental Extract – Use of ETL Load Date
    • Multiple Source table from one source
    • Multiple Source Database Platform support – ANSI SQL and UDF
    • PeopleSoft Tree Extract
  • ETL Architecture – Source Independent Load (SIL)
    • Incremental Load
    • TYPE 2 support and Effective Date Processing
    • Canonical Date and Fact Foreign Key Resolution
  • ETL architecture – Post Load Process (PLP)
    • Partial Refresh of Aggregates
  • ETL architecture – Hierarchy Flattening
  • ETL architecture – Domain and Conformance
  • ETL architecture – Customization via X_CUSTOM
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Currency Conversion
  • Load Plan Component and Load Plan Generator
  • Integrated Data Security for Fusion Apps
  • Integrated Data Security for PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite, Siebel
  • Configuration using BI Application Configure Manager (BIACM)
  • ODI Variable Refresh
  • UOM Conversion
  • Data Security
  • Multiple Source Support – Data SourceNum ID (DSN)
  • Cross Reference

Common Dimension and Conformance

  • Date dimension – Gregorian, Fiscal Calendar, and Enterprise Calendar
  • Time dimension – Time of Day, Hour of Day
  • Holiday
  • Party Model – Customer, Supplier, Reference, Competitor dimensions
  • Customer Classification
  • Item / Product dimension – Item Category and Product Catalog
  • User dimension
  • Employee dimension
  • Manager Hierarchy
  • Cost Center and GL Account
  • Location and Geography

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