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Unified Data Model or Not

Posted by Dylan Wan on September 13, 2017

Do we need to store the data all together in same places?

Do we need to use the same data model ?

Do we need to put data into cloud?

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Customer Dimension and CRM related Analytics

Posted by Dylan Wan on August 14, 2007

Why is the customer dimension so important?

  • A well-maintained, well-deployed conforming customer dimension is the cornerstone of sound customer centric analysis

What are special characteristics of the customer dimension?

  • Customer dimension is extremely deep. It may have million rows.
  • Customer dimension is extremely wide. It has hundreds of attributes.
  • Customer dimension changes often. It is not really a slowly changing dimension. It is sometimes called as rapidly changing monster dimension.
  • Keeping the historical images of the customer data is important.
  • The data in the customer dimension come from multiple sources. Matching, de-dup, standardization among different sources is critical for successfully conforming the dimension.
  • The customer dimension with data may be enriched from the external data.
  • Customer data is the source for other dimensions – geography, industry, lines of business, etc.
  • You have to comply with the privacy regulation.
  • The data from external source may be only licensed for a period of time. The external data need to be associated with your own internal data for analysis for special purposes and the data need to be removed from your database.
  • The customer dimension itself is actually a source of fact tables. For example, # of customer living in California with the breakdown by age groups.

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Recent posts on my MDM blog

Posted by Dylan Wan on August 8, 2007

Good information comes from good data.  The quality of your data warehouse relies on a good master data management (MDM) solution.   Here are some of important concepts in any MDM application.  I explain more of them in my MDM blog – http://groups.google.com/group/MDM-us.

Survivorship – what is this?

Cross Referencing – why do we need it?

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